Our Program

Here are some of the products you'll be working on.

Our best selling world class products are making a difference in the lives of over 50,000 customers around the world. You'll most probably be assigned one of these projects to work on.

Here are few techologies that you'll work with.

We use battle tested and latest technologies and frameworks for all of the products we build. From React, Node, MongoDB to Docker, Kubernetes and more. You'll play around with all of them.

Our Program and Curriculum.

From initial design through to launch and scale, we help you work with every stage of software design process and make sure you understand every nuts and bolts of it.



Using Git

Using an IDE and debugging effectively.

Bootstrap a project

Do market study

Plan implementation



Working with React + Redux on the frontend

Working with NodeJS+Express on the backend.

Working with MongoDB or PostgreSQL as your DB.



Write unit tests

Write integration tests

Configure CI systems like Travis

Implement continous delivery



Dockerize your service.

Deploy on Kubernetes

Manage service at scale



Machine Learning

Deep Learning


Data Science

Illustrative work process


We don't train you. You train yourself.

We never train you. We help you learn how to train yourself. Internet is the best place to learn and we think you should learn to learn yourself. We point you to resources that will help you learn and give you projects to work on. We think that's the best way to work in tech.

Support live projects

You work with industry leading projects, talk to real customers, and ship code to production. You work with real world tasks from day 1.

Open Source Development

We let you work with industry leading open source projects, review the code you write and give you realtime feedback.

Ship code

Ship code directly into production. Go from development to launch in just few days.

Talk to customers

You talk to real customers, solve real issues and build real features. You get real-world high velocity experience.

Applications are open.

This program is completely free. If you're interested apply here. or check out our FAQ's.