Frequently asked questions

How many applicants are selected?

Near about 10%. It depends on the quality of your application. To get an idea about your commitment and passion to code, we look deep into what you've done in the past and the reasons why you want to be a part of this program.

When does the batch start?

New batches start every fornight. Once your application is accepted, we'll notify you about the starting date for the next batch. We'll also provide you two more options to choose from regarding the start date. You can choose the one that fits your availability.

What is the duration of the program?

4 months. The program ends at exactly 4 months from your start date. We'll provide you the details after the acceptance of your application for the program.

Is this really free?

Yes. It's free. Really.

Is this a replacement for a university?

No. However, a lot of forward thinking tech companies do not require college or university degrees to apply for a job. Here's an exmaple . We can't say that this would completely replace your experience of going to a university. What we do say however is most universities around the world are either too expensive, have outdated courses in terms of tech, or have bad quality professors and trainers. We're working to fill up the gap between a tech education and the real business need.

Who can apply?

Anyone. If you can speak English and know the basics of programming and web development, you should apply. We usually work with university students who have a year left to finish university because we think they are an ideal fit, but anyone can apply. This is a worldwide program and works for people with all ages and backgrounds. Even if you want to make a switch to tech. You should apply.

Will I get a job?

The sole purpose of this program is to get you job ready, but we can't guarantee it. Honestly, it depends on you as much as it depends on us. There's a very high probability you'll get into a great one if you finish the program successfully. We have a lot of vacancies every few months at HackerBay and this program is one of our main sources of talent acquisition for HackerBay and its companies. There are a lot of jobs. If you're good, we promise companies will hunt for you.
We also partner with companies around the world and help them find talent.

Who are your partners?

We're in talks with some of the world's best startups and companies to get you good quality jobs. We'll have a complete list of partners soon. Stay tuned.

What's in the program?

You can check it out here

What if I don't want to continue?

Although we would like you to stay inorder to reap the full benefits of the course, you can quit anytime. No strings attached. However, we'd like to know how we can improve the program to better suit you.

It seems too good to be true. How do you make money?

We don't. This is a not-for-profit program. We charge a very small percentage of your salary to your employers and that gets reinvested into the program to make it better and have more students be a part of it. We believe we are responsible to fix the broken education system rather than just complain. It's a step in the direction.

What do I need to be a part of this program?

Just a decent laptop with a decent internet connection. We recommend 8GB+, i5 machine with a 2 Mbps network connectivity.

How will you train me?

We are not a typical classroom training program which is far from real industry projects. We never train you. We help you learn how to train yourself so that you are industry ready for the rest of your life. With best quality content and trainers, internet is the best place to learn. We point you to the right resources that will help you learn and implement those concepts on real-life industry applications throughout the SDLC and get them production ready. You will learn working on real projects and interact with real clients. We think that's the best way to learn and work in tech.

Why this program?

We do not replace a university. However this one of the ways we're trying to fix technology education system in the world. If you're not satisfied with the current education system and think education should be better, free and open for everyone. Please feel free to apply.