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HackerBay University
Tech Education. Done Right. For Free.

Technology Education is usually expensive, has an outdated curriculum, bad quality professors or trainers, and is broken. We stongly believe education should be better, free and open for everyone.

Infact, traditional education has been so unpredictable for companies that a lot of forward thinking companies don't take your university education into account. Here's an example. We at HackerBay never ask for degrees, university certificates or experience from potential employees we interview.

HackerBay University is 4 month program that's completely free, has a project based curriculum, lets participants work on leading open source projects, talk to real customers and ship code. We work with industry leading battle-tested tools and frameworks for development, testing and production. We think working on and solving real-world problems is a lot better than being in classrooms. We believe that's how education should be.

At the end of the program, we connect you with our employment partners and work hard with you every step of the way to make sure you get a great job.

If you think tech education should be better and are not satisifed with your current university education. You should apply.

Write to us at or check out our FAQ , if you have any questions.